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Time delay Auxiliary contactor block Auxiliary contactor block
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Time delay Auxiliary contactor block Auxiliary contactor block

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  • Model Number: LA2-DT4


LA3-DR0 OFF 0.1-3S

LA1-D series time delay auxiliary contactor block,time delay,auxiliary contactor block are installed at the top of GCA2-D control relay or LC1-D AC contactor for expanding the couples of auxiliary contacts points.owing to adopting the contacting functions of sliding friction,the item can be selfcleaning & ensure the electric circuit to be reliable.

TYPE LA1-DO2 LA1-D11 LA1-D20
LA1-D40 LA1-DO4
contact number 2NC NO+NC 2N0 2NO+2NC 4N0 4NC 1NO+3NC 3NC+1NC

LA2-D time delay auxiliary contact blocks are conbined with LC1-D AC contact & LA1-D Auxiliary contact block into LC3-D star delta reduced voltage starter to start motor.

Type Delay Range Number of the delay contacts
LA2-DT0 LA2-DT2 LA3-
0.1~3S 0.1~30S 10~180S
0.1~30S 10~180S 0.1~3S

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