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Moulded case circuit breaker,MCCB,NS-160/4PNF,DPX,NS,ABE,CM1,molded case circuit breaker,

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Apike Industrial Control Electrical Factory
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  • Brand Name: APIKE


Mouldes case circuit breaker,MCCB,

   Mouldes case circuit breaker
NS-100/3P       NS-100/4P 

NS-160/3P       NS-160/4P

NS-250/3P       NS-250/4P

NS-400/3P       NS-400/4P

NS-630/3P       NS-630/4P

NS-800/3P       NS-800/4P

NS-1000/3P       NS-1000/4P

NS-1250/3P       NS-1250/4P

NS-1600/3P       NS-1600/4P

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